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Hey Shorty, it's your birthday, we're going to arrest you like it's your birthday. 

Umm... and then we're going to flaunt it a bit on social media?

That's a little twist to the song 'Da Club' by 50 Cent and in this case, we could call the Vidor Police Department version 'Da Jail' as Vidor police show their twisted sense of humor with their latest Facebook post. It's a twisted birthday shout-out post and it's winning the internet! 

Busted on Your Birthday

The Vidor Police Department has officially offered a tribute, a birthday shout-out of sorts to local burglar suspect, Winston Ingle, publically on Facebook.

44-year-old Ingle was wanted on a parole warrant by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Mr. Ingle who was considered armed and dangerous was involved in the theft of a vehicle on March 7, 2022, in Vidor, Texas. He ran from the officers when they approached him, illuding the officers and escaping.

The Vidor Police then took to Facebook with photos of Mr. Ingles asking for the community's help in locating him.

Chief of Vidor Police, Rod Carroll, wrote on the page on March 8th, "With the help of the community, we would like to help him Celebrate his 45th Birthday as a resident of the Orange County Jail."

And just like the Chief had made a wish on a cake and blew the candle out, his wish came true.

"The Vidor Police Department would like to thank everyone that assisted in locating Winston Ingle and wishing him a very special Happy Birthday. He was located by Beaumont PD SAU at a residence in Beaumont. Happy Birthday, Winston!!!"

The Facebook post has made headlines throughout Texas and now the U.S. with tons of shares and lots of comments like these...

One comment offers, "Thanks BPD for bringing him to the party!" Another writes, "This post wins the internet today." But not everyone appreciates the Vidor Police Departments' sense of humor. "So bullying and sexist remarks are legal as long as you're a public servant!? I don't agree with what he did, but police agencies are pa the tic examples of role models entertaining this mob mentality you have encouraged."

Let us know what you think about the Vidor Police Departments Birthday Post in the survey below.

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