As you know, I find a lot of my stories while scrolling my social feeds.  Such as Oliver Cantu losing a bet to his wife, Amanda Wilburn pranking her mom, and most recently, Ryan Flores and his willingness to give back to our community.  You can find all of these stories on our website. Here is another awesome story thanks to social media about 11-year-old, Kylie Miori and the story behind her Facebook page Kylie's Kritter Treats and Pupcakery.


Kylie was born with a genetic disorder- Trisomy 5. She has made great progress from her life skills class and all her awesome teachers, paras, and therapists over the years. However, she is still intellectually disabled, minimally verbal, and still dependent on others for many things we take for granted.


Trisomy 5 is a rare genetic disorder that entails global delays in the areas of gross motor, fine motor, communication, adaptive, social, and cognition. Kylie did not walk until 4 years old, she is minimally verbal, meaning she uses mostly 1-word utterances in approximation. Mom can understand most words but unfamiliar listeners cannot. Kylie knows a few signs and does a lot of pointing. She depends on others for basic skills such as getting dressed, toileting, bathing, brushing teeth. She is able to feed herself, but cannot get things opened on her own. She is considered intellectually disabled, cannot read or write.  However, she can trace and somewhat write her first name. Learn more about Trisomy 5 by clicking here.


The goal of Kylie's Kritter Treats & Pupcakery Facebook page is to ensure that Kylie has a job lined up that incorporates the skills she has. They also want to be able to employ, other adults, with intellectual disabilities within our community and highlighting their abilities. How awesome is this?


This Facebook page brings two of Kylie's favorite things together: pets and food!  This is also a great way for the family to spend time together and bring Kylie happiness. You can see how being in the kitchen and delivering these treats makes Kylie happy. See pics below. BTW my wife has already ordered a BARKUTERIE box already which you can also see below.

Kylie's Kritter Treats & Pupcakery.Facebook
Kylie's Kritter Treats & Pupcakery.Facebook
Kylie's Kritter Treats & Pupcakery.Facebook

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