UHV University in Victoria has proudly announced some new additions to their Commons Building. That's right, they now have Chick-fil-A. With just the two current locations, none of which I personally would consider close to the campus, Chick-fil-A will be easily accessible (well closer but it is hard to say whether that makes it easier to order from or not) to those students and faculty at UHV. This new installment of delicious chicken food will be open in August.


Another addition to the 80,000+ sq. ft, $32 million invested Commons Building will be Starbucks...but that's just coffee and not Chick-fil-A and therefore has no meaning to someone who doesn't drink coffee. However, if you are a Starbucks fan and a UHV student, now you have more choices to make your day that much better. Now I am asking myself, "Do I need to go back to school to learn anything else?"

While Chick Fil A is indeed worth the trip and the wait (depending on whether you go to their location at 6104 N Navarro or in the mall at 7800 Hallettsville Highway 155) having a new location should prove to be very good for the business especially with it being on a college campus. For more information on the UHV University Commons Building and all the new fun stuff coming to it, click here.

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