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We all love a good turnaround story, and this one is no exception. 

The idioms are endless in this story of a Texas DPS high-speed chase that ended with a judge awarding the Harris County police department with the cruiser they couldn't outrun.

Now Houston police can fight fire with fire in a Hellcat. 

It's a great KARMA story that begin in April of 2021 when Harris County PD found themselves in a high-speed chase that ended with the driver in the seat of a beastly 1,080 horse-powered Dodge Hellcat arrested on multiple charges that included evading police and carrying an unlawful weapon.

How the driver was eventually arrested came only after he ran out of gas.

The chase included the Hellcat reaching speeds of up to 160 miles per hour but that's not even the top speed of the Dodge charger. According to Kelly Blue Book, this Hellcat could clock up to 203 miles an hour if provoked.

So where did the name "Hellcat" come from you might be wondering? I'm so glad you asked. "The Hellcat name comes from a World War II fighter plane named the Grumman F6F Hellcat, which featured an IHI supercharger. It just so happens that the Dodge SRT Hellcat Challenger and Charger models also get power from an IHI supercharger," KBB offers.

To be honest, I still have no clue what an IHI is, but if it helps to power a fighter plane, I know it's got to be AWESOME!

Told you, the Dodge Hellcat is a BEAST.

But now, thanks to a clever county judge and some serious body shop upgrades the Dodge Hellcat was awarded to the agency, turning this little kitty around from illegal activity too seriously prowling around Texas alongside law enforcement in Harris Co.

Check out this Hellcat's physical transformation.

You can't outrun the ironic sense of humor in this story and it's unlikely you can outrun this souped-up Hellcat cop cruiser either.

Your best bet is just to pull on over and play nice. 

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