If you’ve never watched one of Matt Heafy’s acoustic covers before, this is the one to start with. The Trivium frontman launched his Twitch stream once again, this time stripping down Cannibal Corpse’s murder anthem “Hammer Smashed Face” to create some seriously entertaining folk rock macabre.

There’s literally no song Heafy won’t touch, having reimagined songs from Britney Spears, N’Sync, Celine Dion, Elvis and many others. Though he usually goes for cheesy pop, classic rock and alternative, the Trivium musician went full-on Richard Cheese (sans piano) to bring death metal into a more palatable realm.

Beyond Heafy’s acoustic orchestration, what makes this cover incredible is, of course, the lyrics. Matt didn’t shy away from singing lines like, “I smash your fucking head in / Until brains seep in through the cracks,” and “Facial bones collapse as I crack your skull in half.” He almost makes the psychopathic psalm sound charming… in a Patrick Bateman sort of way.

Heafy’s Twitch followers can be seen reacting to the Cannibal Corpse song in real time. Fans swarmed the comments section saying, “I have never heard the lyrics of this before,” “This is my favorite children’s song,” and “I should learn this for campfires.”

Finish up your week with some Kiichi chaos in the clip above. To check out Matt Heafy’s Twitch channel, click here.

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