We cannot catch a break these days. The list of ravenous creatures that are looking to attack just seems to be getting longer and longer. Strange creature from the notorious Murder Hornets to the very prevalent asp caterpillars, there appears to be mysterious, and a bit frightening, species here in our very own country.

In our very own coast, we have some pretty peculiar creatures popping up. Not too long ago, we wrote about the new and terrifying Blue Dragons at Padre Island. 

Well, stranger things are continuing to wash up on Padre Island. A new fish is hiding in the seaweed of the Gulf and has recently been spotted lying around Padre Island. KSAT.com reported on a particular fish that popped up on Padre Island recently.

You may be asking yourself, so what?

Well, this little guy right here is a bit different than your run of the mill catfish. He is a little more spunky, so to say.

Officials with Padre Island National Seashore posted this is a sargassum fish on Facebook and described it as a ravenous ambush predator. On top of everything that description could possibly entail, it is also a cannibal and preys on its own kind-- ultimate savage.

According to MissionBlue.org, one sargassum fish was found with 16 juveniles in its stomach. It apparently hunts on smaller prey and attacks, whether it is of its own kind or not—sounds like a cheap shot but okay. Regardless, this fish does not play games.

This fish is pretty rowdy and can cause some damage in the water, but it is pretty much safe to humans, as long as you don’t eat it. The skin of the fish actually has a toxin present called ciguatoxin that can be dangerous if ingested. So, be sure to check your surroundings because you just never know what is going to pop up next.

Thanks to Alex Salinas for her contribution to this story!

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