What a prick.

A man in Singapore recently appeared in court for placing toothpicks on bus seats so they would pierce passengers' keesters when they sat down.

The suspect has been identified as Lim Lye Seng, 60. Yeah, he's 60 and pulling off pranks that seem more suited for a 13-year-old. He reportedly pulled the stunt four different times, spiking the seats with three toothpicks each time.

Authorities started to look into the crimes after someone spotted the toothpicks on a bus, snapped a photo and shared it on Facebook.

While it isn't clear if anyone was hurt, the joke did injure the bus company's wallet -- it had to spend nearly $1,000 to re-upholster the seats.

Lim, who must return to court later this month, faces up to two years in prison. And not to get too hacky, we have to say that if he thinks passengers were bound to feel pain in their posteriors after sitting on some toothpicks, he'd better brace himself for the pain he's gonna feel there after his new cellmate gets a look at him.

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