Oh, yeah! It's time for another great holiday specifically tailored to another dessert. Chocolate Cake had it's day, and now it is time for Carrot Cake to take the spotlight. Do you like carrot cake? If not, then feel free to move onto something else. No one should feel obligated to enjoy certain foods because everyone has different tastes. If carrot cake isn't your style, then hopefully we'll have holiday more to your liking. For the rest who do like carrot cake, you're in for a treat!

Tasty - YouTube
Tasty - YouTube

The oldest known recipe for carrot cake dates back to 1892, but there may be older ones somewhere passed down from generation to generation of a elite baking families who guard their kitchen secrets with gusto and have secret underground cooking/baking competitions using ancient family recipes. Now that's a show I would watch...back to topic. It has been theorized that carrot cake baking dates all the way back to the Medieval times when sugar became a high commodity and was overpriced. Bakers found a way around this by using sweet vegetables in their baking, like carrots, to keep their businesses functioning and thus carrot cake was made. And it was later that cream cheese frosting was added, completely ruining the original intention, but have you tried carrot cake without the cream cheese frosting? I'll be the first one to say that its not easy, but that's because I have a terrible sweet-tooth.

If you are interested in making carrot cake, watch the video below (WARNING: the word "moist" is used in the video)

If you are more of a Vegan persuasion, don't worry I have found a recipe video for you as well.

Just so you know, all ingredients for both videos can be found locally so get busy shoppin' and get busy bakin'! If nothing else, you can go to your favorite bakery and I'm sure they can make you one or already have a carrot cake ready for your to celebrate today's special holiday in style. If you want to learn more about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, click here.

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