More and more people are concerned about the spreading and the contracting of COVID-19 and already so many organizations and various businesses are calling off events and activities to protect the general public. UHV is no different when it comes to caring for the general public. As such, UHV has made the call to suspend all March sporting events for baseball, softball, track and field, and tennis.

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The Red River Athletic Conference has been watching the COVID-19 pandemic closely and has reached the conclusion that events from the 13th to the 29th are to be suspended for baseball, softball, track and field, and tennis. A meeting will take place on March 30th to determine if further suspension needs to be done. In fact, the golf tournaments on Monday and Tuesday have also been called off.

Information on COVID-19 is limited and the RRAC wants to restrict the possibility of the disease spreading as much as they can. Hopefully, when April rolls around we will have more of an understanding of the virus and find the most effective way to treat or combat it. Either way, this month at UHV is going to be a little quiet. For more information check the original source of the information from Victoria Advocate by clicking here.

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