Is your fridge cluttered? Are there stains from the Messy Leftovers of March still caked onto the side? Well, today is the day to roll up your sleeves, bust out the wipes, pull up a trash bag and clean that refrigerator. Let's be honest, the refrigerator is probably one of the most important appliances, and yet the most neglected one, in the kitchen.



We all have the food in the fridge we told ourselves we would eat later and never do. Take the time and clean out the spoiled (or soon-to-be-spoiled) food from the fridge and only restock with things that don't perish as fast and maybe a couple of things that will and eat those first. As for the soon-to-be-spoiled food, make a big lunch of it all and serve it. When you are done with the meal...don't lie to yourself and keep the leftovers. They were prepped because they were about to go bad. Just throw them away, it is okay.

To learn more about today's holiday, click here. In the meantime, I have several cartons of eggs, old milk, old cheese, and several plates of uneaten leftovers I need to clean out before I accidentally end up created a sentient mold monster that craves the taste of human flesh and tries to embark on a journey of carnage and destruction. Don't that happen to you, clean your fridge.

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