If you have seen the movie, then you know the gist of this musical production. However, for those who are new to Sister Act, I'll try to summarize without too many spoilers. Sister Act is about a performer name Deloris who witnesses a crime. To protect her identity and keep her safe, the officer in charge of the case decides the safest place would be a church to hide out as a nun. While there, Deloris has...let's call it a difference of opinions with the Mother Superior and is thrown into the nun choir. Through laughs, drama, a little faith and a lot of spunk, Deloris shapes the choir into something amazing as she grows to appreciate her new surroundings. Now there is more to the story, but that should good enough to inspire some curious minds to look more into the performance.

Theatre Victoria
Theatre Victoria

This weekend Sister Act kicks off on Friday February 7th and has a final performance on Sunday February 16th. If you want to purchase tickets for the event, click here. This is a two weekend event, so don't feel like you have to limit yourself to just one viewing.

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