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Tejas, it's the most fun place on earth. People who don't live here just don't really get to see the big picture of how many fun things there are to do! Not only in Victoria, but within about 2 hours of the Crossroads, you can hit up a Six Flags theme park or board a pirate ship and head out to the gulf.

With Father's Day right around the corner, you might be looking for some things to do with Dad and the kids. If you have little ones at home who maybe aren't quite ready for the thrill rides of Six Flags, you might consider checking out Traders Village during your next day trip over to San Antonio.

The Sunflower Field at Traders Village

The weekend of June 12th features the opening of Sunflower Field at Traders Village. That's 10 big acres of wildflowers and sunflowers for your Instagram wall! Plus, the wildflower field is part of a gigantic maze with twists, turns, and a few hidden surprises inside. Seriously, you might bring a bottle of water cause this thing is HUGE. Image the amazing photos you can catch out there among the wildflowers. Be sure to say hello to "Buzz" who is the "spokesbee" for the wildflower maze.

Traders Village Maze near San Antonio

Fun and Games at Traders Village

Traders Village thought of everything. The kids will want to hit up the carnival rides which are showcased here. From the Fleafall to the Pharaoh's Fury, Freddy's Fender Bender, and lots more, that's a whole lotta fun the $7.99 asking price of admission. If you want to get a combo wristband for rides you are looking at $14.99. Keep in mind the Sunflower Field is adjacent to Traders Village and the carnival rides are located inside Traders Village.

Sunflower Field Extras

If you make it over to Sunflower Field this month we would love you to share some photos with us! We'd be happy to brag about your visit on our website and show off your photos. Don't forget that the Petting Zoo at Sunflower Field is included with admission and so is the inflatable slide! Do not miss a chance to fire off the Apple Cannon. $8 bucks for 10 shots might be the highlight of the visit. I mean, come on. What kid doesn't love blasting things out of a cannon?

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