I'm assuming the parents thought social distancing would be done at the camp and judging from the photos. That clearly didn't happen.

Looks like a group of kids were sent out to Hill County Texas July 6th to the 10th from Keller's Keystone Church. The church had posted photos from the camp, but have since been taken down. According to parents, they were told their children would be in small groups. One girl said it was forty girls to a cabin and no social distancing took place in the cabin.

Families were upset when they had to hear from others that other children on the trip had tested positive for the coronavirus. Stephanie Brady sent her child on the trip and she was mad that the church didn't release a statement after she let them know about her daughter's positive test upon returning.

“I went back to them and said, ‘I really think you should let the community know, I think it’s your responsibility," Brady said. "You just released 300+ children into our community and to surrounding communities, that could potentially test positive. And [the camp director] said that ‘no further action was going to be taken." When I reached out to [the camp director], he was like, 'Well I didn’t make you send your kid to camp. I didn’t force you to send her.' And I was like, ‘No you didn’t, but we were really hoping that you would have taken the necessary precautions to make sure she was safe.'"

The church did delete the photos earlier, but did not release a statement to the community until last night. No word on how many children have tested positive, but Tarrant County health officials are aware of these cases. Children that have tested positive are isolating for two weeks.

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