Joseph Fallin had no idea he had violated a Baytown, Texas, city ordinance, a Class C misdemeanor, when he parked his truck in his yard to wash it. According to the US Sun, Fallin parked his vehicle near his house near a faucet.

The city has an ordinance prohibiting vehicles from parking in yards. Fallin had no idea of the ordinance, and someone had taken a picture of his truck on the grass. The city had mailed him a ticket, which he said he never received, and he missed a court date. 

Imagine his shock when you guessed it, he was arrested a year later for Failure to Appear. Fallin had never been arrested, and a family member had to Bond him out. 

He did fight the charges and settled with the City of Baytown. Part of the settlement was to have the ordinance changed by the city council. The measure is being considered and voted on by the city council. No results of the vote have been announced yet.

Some residents agree with the ordinance; one homeowner said that residents could park vehicles inoperable in their yards and strip the parts as they do in unincorporated towns around the area.

Joseph Fallin posted a picture of a city truck parked in a yard on Facebook, asking if that homeowner had been ticketed, too. It created a buzz on whether or not the city truck driver was ticketed. 

Fallin hoped his efforts would help others fight city hall over unfair ordinances. 

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