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If Texas were a chocolate flavor, what would it be? If New Mexico were a chocolate flavor what would it be? How about New York or Philadelphia? Really, all 50 states, what flavor would they be?

Well, wonder no more because chocolatier Phillip Ashley is here with a solution. Ashley, who has been referred to as the real life Willy Wonka, is set to release his latest chocolate collection- "Taste of America". The collection is described as:

"The Taste of America is a chocolate tribute to the diversity that has made this country great. We celebrate you, the people, understanding that we may all be different, but when you look inside, we are all made of chocolate.
Each piece of chocolate represents a star on the American flag and the flavor for that state. Explore the country, one chocolate at a time."

Phillip Ashley
Phillip Ashley
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That's right, each chocolate will represent each state and a unique flavor associated with that state.

So, back to the question at hand; what flavor would Texas be? Well, as much as barbeque is loved across this state, it has to be a flavor that meshes well with chocolate, right? What better flavor than Dr. Pepper?

Texas's chocolate flavor is Dr. Pepper- which I'm not mad at! It sounds delicious. Our friends in New Mexico have an edgy chocolate flavor of ancho Chipotle vanilla. You can check out the entire list here.

The chocolate collection is set to debut in July and you can pre-order yours for a whopping $177.60!


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