A Freeport, Texas family is outraged after they say a FedEx driver was caught on doorbell video refusing to help an elderly man after he'd fallen on his front porch.

In the video shared by KTRK, the FedEx driver drops a box near the front walkway to the man's home. As he turns back toward his truck, the man calls out for help.

"Hello, help please," he can be heard saying, "Give me a hand. I need to get up."

The FedEx driver hesitates for a moment before saying he couldn't help the man.

"I can't do that, boss," the driver says from a distance.

The man then responds, "oh ok."

According to the man's daughter Maria Kouches, he'd fallen 15 minutes before the delivery driver arrived at his home. Check out the video.

"(He) didn't at least ring the doorbell or call 911!" Kouches wrote in a Facebook post. "Thank God he's OK, but what if he hadn't been?"

Kouches said her father has dementia and trouble with his legs and has fallen before. She said her dad was on the ground for another 10 minutes before she got there.

Personally, I'm not sure why the driver couldn't help the man. Maybe it was fear of the pandemic and he didn't want to get close to the man? I'm not sure. At the very least, he could have called 911. YOU DON'T LEAVE A FALLEN ELDERLY PERSON ALONE.

As for FedEx, the company released this statement:

"We extend our thoughts and concerns for the well-being of the person depicted in this video. The safety of our team members and customers in the communities that we serve is our highest priority. We are reviewing the circumstances behind this incident and will take the appropriate action."

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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