So I can drink beer and help out a good cause? Sign me up!

Over in San Antonio, Roadmap Brewing Company knows a ton of people are out of work right now. They themselves are a part of the current bar shut down in Texas. They have had to close their taproom for the second time since this pandemic started. They have drive-thru beer available, but they say it doesn't even compare to how much money the taproom would make if it were open.

The owners know they could be in a much worse situation as well. They say they have seen lines for the food bank in their area and they wanted to do something to help. They actually raffled off one of their old brewing machines and were able to raise $13,000. Roadmap Brewing wanted to do more, so they're making a brand new beer. It's called 'Canned Goods'.

The reason for that name is because 100% of the profits from this will go to local food banks in their area. What's even more amazing. Their suppliers found out about this and actually donated many of the ingredients going into the beer. That way more money can go to the food banks. I love the can design because it sort of looks like a Campbell's Soup can.

Canned Goods is described as a New England IPA which uses experimental New Zealand hops to give an intense floral and fruit forward taste. People can go to the brewery to pick some up, but if you can't make the trip to San Antonio. You can order some online at $18 for a 4 pack. So drink some beer and help out a great cause.

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