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Texas 2-Year-Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers From His Mom's Phone

Who is hungry?

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so it should not come as such a surprise that a sweet 2-year-old Texas boy took matters into his own hands, and with his mother's phone, ordered a little something, something to eat!

The problem is that he didn't order just one or two cheeseburgers, instead, he ordered enough to feed his family, his neighbors, his neighbor's neighbors, their pets, and the mailman. In total, he ordered a whopping thirty-one cheeseburgers all while playing on his momma's phone.

Here is the best part... He had the burgers delivered! 

Texas Momma, Kelsey Burkhalter Golden, said she thought her son Barrett was just taking pictures on her phone so she didn't think much about it until she realized Doordash was on the way with cheeseburgers from McDonald's!

KHOU11 reports that Golden turned what could have been a disaster into something very sweet by taking to Facebook and offering that if anyone was hungry or wanted something to snack on, she had cheeseburgers heading her way!

Yes, someone responded although it's not known at this time how many cheeseburgers Golden's Facebook friend picked up. What is known is that Golden is making plans to hide the Doordash app from Barrett to make sure another surprise delivery doesn't happen anytime soon!

You've got to admit  the incident does make for a cute picture, and thanks to Golden for being so positive, a fun memory for all of us!

We gotta wonder though... how many cheeseburgers do you think Garrett ate?

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