Tesla Giga Texas is a factory currently being built in Austin which should be done by the end of this year. You'd think this means big things for Texas in regards to purchasing a Tesla vehicle. It's built in Texas so it should make everything easier, right? Just drop it off on my doorstep and save me some money on shipping. Well, that's not the case.

As of right now, Tesla can't legally sell a car in the state of Texas and the also can't deliver a car directly to someone in the state of Texas.

Any Texan can go online and order a Tesla through the company’s website. But no orders may be placed or processed within any Texas facility owned by Tesla. One buyer noted his paperwork had been FedExed to and from a Tesla Store in Nevada for completion.

Once ordered, the vehicle is shipped to one of Tesla’s eight Texas service centers. The buyer must first pay for it online (from outside the facility grounds), and can then drive it away—meaning Tesla has not actually “delivered” the car to a buyer, but simply made it available to be “picked up” by an existing owner.

Is there change on the horizon to help Tesla deliver its own cars to Texans? Right now, even if someone lives just a few miles from the factory being built in Austin, the car would still need to be shipped out of state before the customer could get the car.

With the new factory being built in Austin, many in the industry believed this would lead to changes that would allow Tesla to deliver directly to the customer. CLICK HERE to get the full rundown on this situation.

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