JACK’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma Continues
JACK told you in yesterday’s blog how much trouble Valentine’s Day is for him. You saw JACK’s email from his housekeeper. Now JACK has a new email from his stalker, uh, girlfriend with a mission. And this one slightly worries JACK.
JACK’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma
Jack has told everyone how difficult Valentine’s Day can be for JACK.  The pressure. The pressure!  In the old days, JACK would just break up with his one girlfriend before Valentine’s Day in order to save money... but now that JACK is a radio media mogul, t…
Tuesday, The Underappreciated Weekday
JACK's been thinking......it would stink to be Tuesday.  It's the one day of the week that no one says anything nice about and it's the one day of the week that no one says any thing mean about.
Facebook has daily droning about the days of the week.  Everyone hates Mondays.  They're coming off the we…
Jack Talks Valentine’s Day
So, the big mushy day is coming up that all of JACK’s girlfriends wait for all year. JACK only has one problem:  what do you buy all these girlfriends that is not something they have already received in the past?  Either from JACK or from their significant other.
Jack understands that Valentine’s…
JACK’s Thoughts On Facebook
JACK wants to get a few things straight about the whole Facebook thing.
First, just because you post your opinion on Facebook doesn't make it fact. That goes for everyone except JACK. Why? Because JACK has a radio station and you don't.