JACK’s Dilemma Ends For One More Year
JACK has managed to survive another Valentine's Day through sheer willpower and energy drinks.
JACK would like to extend his thanks to those of you who took the time to help JACK with the translation of his Latina Letty's email. JACK hopes the points he sent you shows how much JACK apprecia…
JACK’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma Continues
JACK isn't sure what to make of this one. JACK may or may not be in trouble with this hot little number but either way, JACK kind of likes it!
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JACK’s Valentine’s Day
Well... this is the day. The V Day. Probably the least favorite of JACK's holiday celebrations. Ah, you ask, "Why, JACK? It's a day of love. And you're all about loving the girlfriends." That's true. JACK does appreciate his girlfriends. But do you know how much attention they require on a…
JACK’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma Continues
JACK told you in yesterday’s blog how much trouble Valentine’s Day is for him. You saw JACK’s email from his housekeeper. Now JACK has a new email from his stalker, uh, girlfriend with a mission. And this one slightly worries JACK.
JACK’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma
Jack has told everyone how difficult Valentine’s Day can be for JACK.  The pressure. The pressure!  In the old days, JACK would just break up with his one girlfriend before Valentine’s Day in order to save money... but now that JACK is a radio media mogul, t…