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Stags Don't Care Where they Fight or Who Watches Them!

Right outside of a suburb in Austin, one lucky neighborhood got to watch the magnificent fight also called a rut, between two apparent stags, or older male deer.

Now if you live in the country you might see this from time to time, but this fight was in a crowded neighborhood. It turns out, when bucks are running a female doe, they don't care where they fight or who is watching.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Check out this video on KXAN's Facebook page! I love that you can see possibly a doe in the background! Thankfully there wasn't any property damage, the only damage was just likely the pride of the losing stag.

But it's not just female deer that stags and bucks fight over!  Yep, these feisty males can get after it for just about any reason! JP did an article just a few weeks back about young bucks fighting over food too!

Just click the button below to watch that fight! It's pretty intense, although it reminds me of a comedy sketch of two girls play fighting for some reason.

Buck and Stag, What's the difference?

By the way, the difference between a stag and a buck has its base in the maturity of the male deer. All male deer are bucks, when they are older they are stags.

Okay worst dad joke ever...

What costs more? Deer nuts or beer nuts?

Beer nuts. Because deer nuts are always under a buck.

Be on the lookout and drive safely around the Crossroads, it's mating season!

I hate to be gross, but you've likely noticed a growing amount of dead deer on the road especially around Cuero Highway into Main Street lately. Unfortuntunatly for the deer and unsuspecting drivers, November is when most does or female deer are in heat. Hense all the fighting in pubic front yards.

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