Imagine this being the first thing you saw this morning.

Residents in Nueces County, Texas woke up this morning to a pretty scary alert on their phones. Tsunami Warning from 8:00 am to 8:59 am. It went out just before 8 this morning. If you simply read the message, you would think a Tsunami is on the way. However, if you clicked the link given it said it was just a test.

Photo Courtesy of NBC 6
Photo Courtesy of NBC 6

The National Weather Service office says there is NO tsunami warning and this was a test issued by the Tsunami Warning Center in Alaska. Officials with the NWS said this should not have gone out to any phones. The Tsunami Warning Center in Alaska has not issued a statement as to why this alert was sent out to phones.

Reports also show parts of the East Coast from New York to Florida also got an alert this morning. It took thirty-eight minutes for them to send out another alert correcting their mistake.

I understand that these systems need to be tested to ensure they work in case of an emergency, but all messages that go out should clearly read THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM. Don't just send out a message that would easily put people into a panic. It should also not take you thirty-eight minutes to fix your mistake.

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