If you happen to spend any time on Twitter you probably got a laugh from Texas Senator Ted Cruz over the weekend with his "Come and Take it" Thanksgiving tweet. The image in the tweet replaces the canon with the image of a roasted turkey under.

During a time when many Americans have mixed feelings about being told to stay home and stay away from their families, Cruz's tweet can be interpreted in a few different ways. With the original image with the canon tied to Texas independence, it's likely that the Senator's intent was just in good fun. Some news outlets have chosen to act offended by the image saying it is insensitive for communities hit hard by the virus.

While we understand, this author just thinks the Senator probably just thought the image was funny. He may have also posted the tweet after many Texans have voiced they won't be told how to spend the holidays in their own home with their own families. Some states telling people to stay home and pass the holiday alone have also suggested fines or arrest for those who do not comply.

Over the last couple of weeks, several police departments in many states (New York, California) have said they do not plan to enforce any sort of limitations on residents who decide to have family over for Thanksgiving.

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