The next time you head over to San Antonio you'll have a new attraction to stop and see. Beginning April 5th Phil Hardberger Park's new Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge is open to the public.

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The video above was shared by KENS 5 News you can see the new bridge which is about 1000 feet long, six feet wide, and stands about 18 feet up off the ground. The feedback about the view is already creating a buzz for runners and joggers who are eager to see it. If you just like getting out and going for walks, you might bring a friend along and check it out.

The bridge is the first one of its kind in San Antonio and was opened to the public this morning after an introduction from Mayor Hardberger and other leaders from the community according to The easiest way to access the park is from the entrance off NW Military Highway. Head to the Urban Ecology Center and find parking. It's about a 15-minute walk from the parking area to the actual skywalk.

I must say this park looks immaculate. When I lived in Alabama years ago people didn't really like to go walk in some of the parks because there were so many tics they would fall out of the trees on ya! No thanks! Found out the hard way. This park in SA looks much less threatening. lol.

A couple of rules to remember are that the park and walkways are only open from sunrise to sunset. These trails are for runners and walkers so sorry cyclists, the city of San Antonio says no bikes allowed on the new walkway.

Phil Hardberger Park is one of those really cool parks tucked into an urban setting. It sits on about 300 acres featuring dog parks, miles of trails, and lots of shady benches to sit and enjoy the landscape. Plus, that sunshine is good for ya! Get out and enjoy it.

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