Major League Baseball has announced to the public that they have already put into motion the delay of spring baseball and that includes practices. Originally, the season was supposed to start on March 26th. However, with fear of coronavirus spreading and infecting, they have decided to push the start of the season back to no sooner than April 9th (unless another dealy should be implemented but the current goal start date is April 9th). With this announcement, the MLB has joined the delayed season start club that already consists of the NBA, NCAA, NHL, and MLS. Is Netflix next?!

We need to stay vigilant at this time and make sure to take care of ourselves to prevent getting sick. That means we need to wash our hands (probably more so for some), wiping down not only our workplaces but also our homes, and staying up to date on symptoms and knowing what to do if you think you may have contracted COVID-19.

This delay in sports is not to be taken lightly. If the people in charge of these major events think there is a risk of a problem then they believe that they have made the right decision. On a side note, this just gives you more time to build your fantasy league. If you would like to read more about the delay of Major League Baseball, check out the article made by CBS Sports here.

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