Disabled sprinter Oscar Pistorius of South Africa may have finished last during the 400-meter semifinals on Sunday night, but his inspiring story has touched people all across the world. And now, Pistorius has posed in a series of heartwarming photos with a British eight-year-old double amputee named Ellie May Challis.

Pistorius was born with a birth defect and lost both legs at only 11-months-old. Despite his handicap, however, he went on to set double-amputee world records for the 100, 200 and 400-meter dashes and has proven he can hold his own against able-bodied athletes.

After contracting a severe case of meningitis, Challis lost both her hands and legs at 16-months-old. When she was five, she became the youngest person ever to be fitted with carbon fiber prostheses.

The two posed together at an indoor track in Enfield, North London, where Challis managed to beat Pistorius in four consecutive 15-meter races. Whoa! Will we see this little girl in the Olympics someday?