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It's been written that the roar of Texas officers on their motorcycles revving in support of their fallen comrade could be heard through the walls of the Texas death chamber.

The oldest Texas death row inmate has been executed and for friends, family, and those that back the blue, the death of Carl Wayne Buntion, 78, hasn't come soon enough.

It was June 1990 and Houston police officer James Irby, a nearly 20-year member of the Houston Police Force lost his life after being shot and killed by Buntion when he pulled a car Buntion was the passenger in.

Buntion, with an already extensive criminal record and on probation at the time of the senseless shooting asked for his spiritual advisor to be present during his execution and he was granted his last request.

Perhaps some comfort came to the Irby family when Buntion offered that he was sorry for the crime he committed by killing Officer Irby.

KHOU11 reports that Buntion was offering his apologies as he was being strapped to the death chamber's gurney.

With just one week away from the possible execution of Melissa Lucio, accused of murdering her own child, questions about Lucio's case and the probable executions of innocent people in Texas are on the rise. Lucio's representation site multiple mistakes made in her case and is pleading for a pardon from our Governor. If she is executed on April 27th she will be the first Latino to ever be put to death in Texas.

Here is a Youtube video from WFAA that highlights the plight of Lucio. As the days' tick away so does the fate of her future.

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