If you are a Simpsons fan, I'm sure you are aware of the character known, and hated by Homer Simpson, Ned Flanders. Well...how do I put this...there are a group of individuals who have taken upon themselves to not only honor this character (in their own unique way) but create a whole new persona for themselves within the music industry. I am, of course, talking about Okilly Dokilly.

Okilly Dokilly - YouTube
Okilly Dokilly - YouTube

If you are not familiar with Okilly Dokilly, then let me try to break you in easy. They are a Metal Ned Flanders Inspired Band. Now, when I personally think of metal music the first image to pop up is no where near the image of Ned Flanders. When it comes to metal music the first idea to pop up in my mind is Metalacalypse. However, I now have a different idea after watching some of their music videos...

And to make things better, Okilly Dokilly is going on tour. That's right! This Ned Flanders inspired metal band is making their way from Arizona to Texas with a concert in Austin, TX on May 9th. If you want get tickets to this event, you can order some by clicking here (I took the liberty of tracking down where to get them to save you time, you're welcome). I the meantime, have an Okilly Dokilly Day, Frienderunie!

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