I know as Dallas Cowboys fans, we are supposed to be opposed to everything Philadelphia Eagles.  However, this is one of these stories where sports teams mean nothing. This story happened last month, however, I am just now seeing it for the first time!  As reported KRIS-TV and Daily Mail.

Audrey Soape, is a middle schooler from Austin and she lost her father Ryan and grandfather in the past year. So she turned to the NFL to help her cope with the losses.  Her favorite player is Philadelphia Eagles, Anthony Harris! So she put social media to work for her. Audrey's mother Holly reached out to Harris for help, and he responded!

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To add to Harris' kind gesture, the Eagles' safety even paid for all of Soape's dance expenses including her dress, shoes, hair, and makeup. This young lady had a very special night indeed! Watch the heartwarming video below! 'She just felt like a princess all night,' she told daily mail. Audrey also was also quoted as saying 'A normal player would probably be like "I don’t have time for this. I have to be focused for next season or the playoffs." This was just a moment in time when Audrey got to take a break from her unimaginable year. , Holly was grateful Harris was able to give her daughter a memorable night. What an awesome gesture from this NFL player.

Off the field, this guy is a CLASS ACT. On the field, it's Let's go Cowboys! 

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