I love a good mystery so when these three statues, replicas of Easter Island's famous Moai statues of Chile, showed up off of  Loop 463 of all places, I had to get some answers! So of course I took to social media! Where else are you going to get the real 411 than from friends on Facebook? EXACTLY!

Ingra Lee Facebook/TSM

Sigh. My friends.

To be fair, I'm pretty familiar with the story. The first issue of Victoria In Motion Magazine featured a photo of one of several of the moai statues that were made by Alvin T. Dincans Jr years ago. My favorite of the ones he made is the one below smack dab in the middle of Riverside Park. Most Victorians would agree that their new home on the Loop for these three is better than being stuck in the back of the industrial yard they were in for the last few years. Their new placement puts them front and center. Since we covered the story with our first issue of Victoria in Motion, we also featured the same statue in our last issue too.

Ingra Lee/Facebook TSM

Thankfully I also have friends like Heather Brown and Lacy New to steer me in the right direction. LOL

Ingra Lee Facebook/TSM

According to the article written by Texas Highways reporter, John Lomax, which you can read here, "Beginning in 1996, Mr. Dincan was struck with an inexplicable yearning: Without ever so much as setting foot on Easter Island, the then 60-year-old Dincans felt called upon to build five mo’ai- each weighing 7 tons and standing 13 feet tall—behind his boat sheds. He checked out every book the Victoria library had on the subject and set into the project, having never sculpted anything out of concrete any more complicated than a home foundation."

I do know who made these replicas, but even after Texas Highways interviewed several Victorians I still don't know why or when they were moved to the Loop. Before I read the Texas HIghways article I called Jung Tile to ask if they had details, which they didn't. In fact, just like in the Texas Highways article, I was told on the phone that the statues just showed up one day. Hmmm.

But you know, as much as I love an enigma, if I had all of the answers to everything I've ever wondered, life just wouldn't be as fun! Instead, maybe I just enjoy the mystery and the fact that these statues are where they are, for just the simple reason as to make us wonder.

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