Never has My Chemical Romance sounded so ultimately '80s. In line with late-20th century nostalgia brought on by popular entertainment such as Netflix's Stranger Things, the band's morbid anthem "Helena" has received a syrupy, synth-heavy cover that's quite different from the original rocker.

The unlikely rendition comes by way of Swedish musician Johan Olsson. The creative My Chemical Romance fan currently makes nostalgic-sounding remixes and shares them on YouTube, as well as being an active producer on Patreon. Olsson is also a part of indie rock band Ms. Mullins. Hear the musician's wistfully '80s-esque My Chem cover down toward the bottom of this post.

"Gerard Way and the boys have been heartbroken since 1984," the video's cheeky description reads. "The sexy sax solos are played by Wil Schade!! He's amazing, check him out on instagram: @yourfriendbil Also, thanks to my dad for suggesting some 80s sounding chords on the guitar solo."

While My Chem's "Helena" opens 2004's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge with a peppy jolt of downtrodden energy, this '80s-sounding cover slows things down with a smooth keyboard line and soft singing.

But don't let the languid rework get you unduly excited for a My Chemical Romance reunion. While the Jonas Brothers’ Joe Jonas may have stoked the flames of reunion rumors, it seems it was all for not. Besides, former My Chem frontman Gerard Way seems to be doing just fine in his current career.

Listen to more of Olsson's throwback treatments here and check out additional work from the artist here. See and hear My Chemical Romance's original "Helena" music video down after the cover version.

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