While a proposed Van Halen "kitchen sink" tour won't happen, we could still see two Van Halen players who haven't shared the stage in some time reunite in the live setting. During a chat with the Jeremy White Podcast (seen below), longtime bassist Michael Anthony shared his openness to reconnecting live with singer David Lee Roth.

Anthony revealed that he had an interest in dropping in on Roth's Las Vegas residency last year but a scheduling conflict put a pin in that possibility, though he remains open to the idea.

"When he did his residency stuff in Las Vegas out here — 'cause it turned out where I couldn't it anyway; I think Sammy, we had something going on with The Circle — but I was actually going to show up and see about going up onstage and jamming with Dave," stated the bassist.

He added, "I've got no beef with any of the guys about any of that stuff. At this point in the career and my life, it's, like, hey, I'll play it all. I'm sure if it came up, if it was the right situation, let it happen."

Anthony has spent most of his post-Van Halen years performing with another of Van Halen's singers - Sammy Hagar - both in Chickenfoot and The Circle. Roth's return to Van Halen coincided with Eddie's son Wolfgang playing bass in the band.

Roth opened for KISS in early 2020 pre-pandemic. At present, Roth is expecting to return to the road in late summer. His dates can be found here.

Michael Anthony Speaks With the Jeremy White Podcast

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