Here's a holiday for those creative persons out there. Is there a holiday you want to celebrate, but it doesn't exist? Well, today is the day to create your own holiday. Some may simply call this an annual tradition rather than a holiday because only you and whoever else celebrates with you are the only ones who go through the motions and do whatever it is to celebrate. However, technically all holidays are like that so you're safe from ridicule...from me at least.


Is there a special food item you think deserves annual recognition? What about an animal that should be in the spot light? How about a video game that doesn't have a large following, but you think it still has earned it's rightful place in the calendar to be celebrated? Go for it! Maybe the focus of the holiday is not tangible, but more idealistic? Like a feeling or a passing thought should be the focal point of your holiday? Get crazy and creative! Put some effort into it.


What's your holiday? How should people celebrate it? Are there certain times of the day it should be celebrated? What was the inspiration for your holiday?

If you want to learn more about today's holiday, click here. And let us know about what your holiday is and all that it entails.

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