San Antonio Police intervened after an uncle cut his nephew's arm with a machete.


According to police, the victim and his girlfriend went to visit his uncle. While at the uncle's house, things started to get weird. The uncle began acting 'inappropriately' towards the nephew's girlfriend which sparked some confrontation.



Things escalated after the uncle's inappropriate behavior. Eventually, a physical confrontation broke out between the uncle and nephew. Suddenly, the uncle took out a machete and cut his nephew's arm.

Police were called out and they arrested the uncle and he was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Thankfully, the nephew escaped with non-life-threatening wounds however, the Houston woman encountered a gruesome end with a machete.



Viewer caution: The following details contain sensitive and grammatically graphic material.

A foul-smelling bloody box was discovered outside of a Houston apartment complex. According to court documents, a woman's body was stuffed inside the box. Her mangled body was wrapped in a green fitted sheet and plastic.

The woman's face looked as if it had been struck with an ax or machete because of the deep lacerations. Other disturbing details revealed the woman's face had broken bones. 


Investigators began to collect surveillance footage to find out where the box came from. The chilling footage revealed a man pushing a dolly with the box from his unit into the parking lot by the dumpster. 

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