I'm always down to try a new beer and I'm never one to turn down a Lone Star.

Lone Star, you may know it as the cheap beer of Texas. I know it as the beer that has puzzles underneath the caps that always take me way to long to figure out. Good news Lone Star beer fans, let me introduce you to 'Lone Star Rio Jade'. They say it has a "flavor unique to Texas" and will be available throughout the state starting in late April, with full distribution in May.

“We’re excited to launch the Rio Jade Mexican Style Lager as it gives us a chance to honor our heritage, but also celebrate the Texas of today,” said Lone Star Brand Director, Emily Hoyle. They plan on distributing this beer throughout the summer, so be sure you keep an eye out for it. This is Lone Star's first ever seasonal beer. Hopefully this does well so we can get some more.

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