Texas Governor Greg Abbott is cracking down on social distancing guidelines telling Texans on Tuesday, March 31st to stay at home for the next month unless they are taking part in essential services and activities while also announcing Texas schools will remain closed until May 4th.

Although the definition of "essential services" is fluid in almost every state, most can agree that grocery shopping is essential. Locally our grocery stores like H.E.B. have taken painstaking measures to ensure Texans adhere to the strict 6ft distancing guidelines by marking distancing lines and monitoring lanes throughout their stores. Academy is strictly limiting the number of guests in the store to 25 at a time.

Grocery shopping, although essential can be an unnecessary risk especially when you discover when you get there that what you needed isn't on the shelves, in stock or on the way.

Well, two UT students have a possible solution for you!

That's right, leave it to Texans! Rithwik Pattikona and Darshan Bhatta, two computer science majors at the University of Texas have designed InStok.org to give users a head start and a heads up before they leave to shop for essential items. Born out of necessity, according to the the Austin-American Statesman, the idea for the website was sparked when Pattikona's parents struggled to find what they needed on the shelves.

Of course, users need to understand that a lot can change from the time they use the website and arrive at the store, but as most of us can agree, InStok.org is a great place to start!

If you have to shop here is a great video by CBC News to help you know how to shop safely for yourself and others.

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