Texas is no stranger to politics; every so often we love to have elections on who makes the best mayor, governor, presidents, etc. However there's one Texas town that perhaps has the best approach to politics: let an animal be in charge. That's what the town of Lajitas, Texas did and they're happy with letting a beer drinking goat run things.

Meet Clay Henry, the G.O.A.T. mayor of Texas

Or should we say, Clay Henry the IV, as he is currently the 4th generation Clay Henry to be in office. The original Clay Henry was made mayor of Lajitas back in 1986. Back then Lajitas had a population of only 100 people owned by by the Houston businessman Walter M. Mischer. Originally one of Walter's friends, Tommy Steele, was supposed to be the mayor of the town. One man, Bill Ivey, lived in the town for generations and claimed that his goat could run the town better. One election later and Clay Henry I became the mayor.

However just like its human counterparts, goats are no stranger to controversy either (and yes I swear this is all real according to the town's history):

  • After the birth of Clay Henry Jr, the father and son would fight over a female leading to Clay Sr being mauled to death. Sadly he would never be the same and would retire from office in the late 90s.
  • Clay Henry III would win a questionable election between an American Indian statue and a local dog named Clyde. There's also the debate on whether or not he's actually related to the previous Henrys. Clay Henry III would be castrated in the middle of the night. He would stay in office for a couple of years before stepping down.

Today Clay Henry IV is the mayor of the quiet town and he loves sharing a drink with those who visit him at his humble abode.

So if you wish to visit Lajitas near Big Bend National Park, you can and say you got to meet a famous Texas politician in person. If you do, just make sure you bring your favorite drink to share with good 'ol Henry.

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