A startling confession from a 10-year-old Texas boy has possibly pieced together a brutal unsolved murder.

In Texas, a startling confession has emerged: a 10-year-old boy has admitted to a crime that took place two years ago, revealing that he shot a man while he slept. 


KENS 5 Youtube
KENS 5 Youtube

32-year-old Brandon O’Quinn Rasberry was found dead in an RV park in Nixon, Texas. The young boy, who was just shy of 8 years old at the time, detailed the shooting during an interview at a child advocacy center. 

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He described taking a 9 mm pistol from his grandfather's truck, entering Rasberry's RV, and firing the fatal shots before returning the gun. Shockingly, the boy had no prior connection to Rasberry and offered no motive for the killing. 


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Investigators began to make a connection between the child and the crime while they were examining a separate crime. While they were investigating the boy, after he threatened to assault and kill another student, they learned he had made statements about killing someone 2 years prior.

Investigators were able to trace the pistol to a pawn shop and match shell casings found at the scene to the weapon. Despite the confession, the boy cannot face charges under Texas law due to his age at the time of the crime. 

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Currently, he is in juvenile detention for a separate incident involving threats made on a school bus. Concerns for his mental well-being have led authorities to place him under psychiatric evaluation and treatment. 

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