A Texas Attorney who is accused of placing an abortion-inducing drug in his pregnant wife's water in 2022, has taken a plea deal!

Mason Herring is accused of placing medication in the form of powder used for abortions in his wife's water. His wife said she had video evidence and text messages that showed Herring tried to poison her several times. According to documents, Mason tried to kill the baby 7 seperate times.

After one of the incidents, Catherine became ill and was taken to urgent care. The baby survived after being born 10 weeks prematurely and weighed just over three pounds. She is now a year and a half old. Read the full story by clikcing here.

Mason Herring agreed to serve 180 days in jail and 10 years of probation., really! I don't think this is harsh enough.

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This Houston Apartment Building Has an HEB in the “Lobby”

Okay, maybe not an actual lobby. However, when you get down to the bottom floor on the escalator of this apartment, you find an entrance to HEB, so I will call it the 'lobby.' In a TikTok video posted by houston.apartments, the first part shows how someone living in the Buffalo Heights Apartments would enter HEB. In case you are wondering, a one-bedroom goes for about $1500 and a two-bedroom goes for about $2600.

@houston.apartments HOUSTON TX HEIGHTS APT BUILT ON TOP OF H-E-B! ——— 1 MONTH FREE RENT ▪️1 BED 1 BATH • $1547 ✨EFFECTIVE RENT • $1428✨ ▪️ 2 BED 2 BATH • $2640 ✨EFFECTIVE RENT: $2270✨ #HEB #apartmenttour #houstontx #apartments ♬ Sunrise - Official Sound Studio



The 96,000 sq.-ft. store features expansive shopping options; covered, second-level parking; is equipped with elevators, escalators, and a cartalator to easily navigate to and from the first-floor shopping experience, along with products and services tailored specifically for this historic Houston community.

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