If you haven't heard, or read it, anywhere today let me be the first one to say, "Happy National Taco Day!" Did you think such a day existed? Well it does and it is today.

How might you celebrate today? Easy. Tacos. Lots and lots of tacos. Do you have a favorite taco? Go get it! Want to make a taco but needed an excuse to do so? Go on and just do it it in celebration of National Taco Day.

Why not go ahead and make some "Experimentcos" (Experimental Tacos) and find the combination of taco fixings to create the Ultimate Taco or a new kind of taco. There are several ways to make tacos, and it all starts with choosing the right taco shell. Are you going to go for a more burrito style with a soft shelled taco, or are you wanting that classic crunch when you bite into your taco with a hard shell? So many variations, so many choices and the best thing you can do is to try them all out.


If you wan to learn a little more about today's holiday, and a bit more on tacos, then click here. It may be too late for that Breakfast taco, but you still have plenty of time for a Lunch and Dinner Taco. Or if you're a hobbit (or eat like one), then you have time for Lunch Tacos, Afternoon Tea Tacos, Dinner Tacos and Supper Tacos.

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