Happy Nothing Day! A day we set aside for our wonderful ability to simply do nothing. We have all tried it. Some of us are proficient masters of the craft of doing nothing. However, why does it have to fall on a Wednesday? Don't worry. If you aren't able to celebrate today the way you want, this holiday will fall on a Saturday...in 2021. I can wait.

However, there are those who may want to celebrate in earnest and it wouldn't be fair to deprive them of how to celebrate today. In case you were wondering about how this holiday started, it was created by a columnist, Harold Pullman Coffin, back in 1973. He visualized this day to be the time we use to not focus on anything, celebrate anything or honor anything.

In fact, by not celebrating today you actually are celebrating...but to celebrate would mean that we aren't honoring the day, but to not honor something is what this day is about...my brain hurts...


If you care to learn more about today's holiday, fun facts about it and other ways to not celebrate, then click here.

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