Do you watch much TV or movies? Did you watch TV and movies growing up? Have you noticed there is a growing trend? Original-Idea shows and movies are becoming less and less every year. The other day I saw an Alvin and The Chipmunks show that used the same song from the series I watched growing up, but the new animation makes the chipmunks look like children with oddly shaped noses. Its almost as if there is someone holding a "NO NEW IDEAS" sign above the heads of the writers.

More movies have, what I consider to be, unnecessary sequels that fall short of the bar set by the original film. And don't forget about the rebooted shows/films that don't have to be redone because the original is timeless. Some corporations are remaking their classic cartoon films we loved into live action movies that people are split on whether they're good or not.

Where is the passion for character development? Where is the drama and twist we aren't expecting because its not just rehashed from a similar show/film? And if a reboot is necessary, don't use big-named stars who can't sing and have to be Auto-Tuned-To-Death to sell copies or tickets. Honestly, I find myself watching shows or movies and notice certain lesser-known actors or actresses who would have played the parts better because they have not only the look, but the sound as well.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you see a lack of Original-Idea content? Do you see nothing wrong? Maybe there is nothing left to be original about? Perhaps every conceivable twist and plot device has been used that there is nothing left to do but rinse and repeat? Who knows? In the end, this is nothing more than just personal thoughts and opinions of one individual...maybe shared by others.

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