And the winner of the most outrageous thing we never knew we needed goes to...... a BIG RED CART.


@Do210 Instagram
@Do210 Instagram

Oh, but not just any cart, no that would be ridiculous. We're talking about a cart so large you could fit a year's worth of groceries for a family of 27 inside.

Passengers cruising down a San Antonio highway were in for a treat. You've got your typical Honda, Dodge Chargers, and Jeeps driving on the road, but nothing will prepare you for Jay Ruelas's vehicle.

Ruelas, the creator of a massive masterpiece captured the eyes of just about anyone nearby on a busy San Antonio highway. Ruelas is seen sitting atop a colossal-sized shopping cart. 


@Do210 Instagram
@Do210 Instagram

The big red cart is taller than any monster truck and is a replica of a red lowes shopping cart. The shock on people's faces must have been priceless. However, these unique massive creations are nothing new to the creator Ruelas. In fact, Ruelas has made a career out of these out-of-the-box designs.

Ruelas owns Texas Corn Field Customs, which is known for making bizarre out-of-the-box vehicles. On their business Instagram page, you can see another gigantic creation, this time it's a bright pink children's wagon 100x its normal size, of course.


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The video of Ruelas traveling in San Antonio atop the mega cart has gone completely viral. Users commented on the spot on replication, one user said, "Love it, couldn’t be more legit with those plants at the bottom!" Another said, "When you need groceries you need groceries lol…"

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