Right Place at the Right Time

Wednesday night a nurse in Houston was in the right place at the right time. Around 11:45 pm in San Antonio, a Volkswagon sedan blew past a stop sign just off of 410 Loop.

Injury to a Three-Year-Old

According to MSN, the car flew into the front of a home near the stop sign and crash straight through it. Inside the home were a father and a young daughter. The man inside was unharmed however, the 3-year-old girl was injured.

The Car Crashed Right Into the Toddlers Bedroom

Driving nearby was a nurse from San Antonio Military Medical Center. She witnessed the crash and swiftly stopped her car and ran on the scene. There she discovered the injured 3-year-old.

The toddler had been asleep when the car crash right into her bedroom. Her father did not hear the crash and was woken up by police knocking on the door.

The nurse is seen carrying the three-year-old out of the house. Thankfully, the toddler only escaped with minor cuts to her face but how extremely scary must that have been. I know if it were me I would be beyond paranoid to sleep alone for a long time. Or as a parent, I would want to swaddle my child next to me in bed for the rest of her days.

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Driver Fled the Scene

It is a horrific accident that could have ended so much worse. As for the driver of the car, he fled the scene but was soon captured blocks away. He was arrested for failure to render aid and for Driving While Intoxicated.

Don't Drink and Drive

Hopefully, the legal system will get justice for this child and the damages that could have been done by a foolish decision to drive after drinking. This should be a reminder to catch that Uber, Lyft, or call a friend- just don't drive drunk.

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