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If you get your eclipses mixed up you are not alone.

If it takes you a few minutes to think through the difference between a lunar versus solar eclipse here is a clever way to remember. S is for Sun so S is for Solar. In a solar eclipse, the sun is getting darker. In a lunar eclipse, it's the moon that's darkened. 'Luna', as a refresher means, 'moon' in 'Latin so L is luna moon in Latin.

A Super Moon FULL lunar eclipse is headed our way on May 26th.

In just twelve days the Super Moon full lunar eclipse will be seen by many countries in the world, including North America. It's predicted that the fourteen-minute eclipse will be fully visible in our area. But if you want to catch this eclipse you've got to be an early bird and set your alarm for approximately 3:30 AM to watch the eclipse from its beginning phase, the Penumbral, to the moon set at 6:28 AM. If you've just interested in the total eclipse, it's predicted to occur in our area from around 6 to 6:30 AM. You can find more details at Time and Date's website specifically for Victoria Texas here.

What makes this supermoon full lunar eclipse so special?

Well for sky watchers like myself, this is the ONE and ONLY lunar eclipse that will take place in 2021. This lunar eclipse has been dubbed one of the "Must See" Events for 2021. If that's not enough, the moon will show as a dark red or blood moon color during the fourteen minutes of the eclipse.


Solar and lunar eclipses always come in pairs. May 26th full eclipse also marks the beginning of a series of four big lunar eclipses. Three of these eclipses are total, while one of them, on November 18-19th, is a deep partial eclipse.

Here is a good video from the Secrets of the Universe on Youtube.

No special equipment is needed.

All you need for a lunar eclipse is a clear sky and good eyesight. Binoculars are a cool thing to have handy as well. Remember, Galileo charted the sky with a crude telescope that only magnified his vision by 8Xs.

Have fun. See you outside May 26th! 

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