Have You Seen The Awesome New Shopping Center in Victoria Yet?

If you live in the Crossroads you know that downtown Victoria gets a lot of kudos, especially in the last few years now that organizations like the Main Street Program have the community on board as part of the revival, but we've also got a lot going on in 'uptown' Victoria too.

There is an awesome new shopping center that you probably haven't seen yet. In part because, it's a hidden treasure!

The first time I saw this shopping center was by total happenstance since I live out by Sam's and often take the back roads home. To be honest, I was shocked!

Nestled directly behind Cavendars Boot Center was an entire shopping center I didn't even know had been built, much less already filled with awesome shops as one of the most contemporary-designed shopping centers I've ever seen in the Crossroads, complete with neon angel wings at the entrance!

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Broadmoor Street hosts a shopping center and it's a Victoria hidden treasure that needs to be revealed!

Austoria Wines is fantastic and we highly recommend the wine slushes! Perfect for a summer afternoon! Owners Rachel and Steven offer that Austoria Wines is a tribute to their origins in both Austin and Victoria.


Plum Crazy is a new esthetics spa for guests looking for services that include nano brows and lip plush treatments.


Black Dahlia Boudoir is a fusion of incredible boudoir photography and design, a joint creative collaboration between photographer Jenny King and hair and makeup artist Stephen Bess.


Make Me Chic Hair studio is now open too!


They even offer a boutique as well. RAKtique opened its doors to the Crossroads as well. And it looks like a new cosmetics dentistry will be opening at this Broadmoor shopping center soon as well.

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Sure, downtown is revitalizing, but uptown Victoria is on fire with new shopping centers too! Take a look for yourself, just behind Cavendars Boot Center, an oasis for self-care and drinks to toast Victoria's progress awaits!

Just like the sign says, "Hey there gorgeous, come on in!

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