That's right! It was today back in 1836 when Texas declared independence, and then shortly later Texas became part of the United States of America in 1845. So go on our and celebrate your Texas pride on this day of Texas Independence Day. Do you know Texas Our Texas? If not, then check out the video below and if you do know it then sing along out loud!

If you would like to learn more fun facts about Texas and it's history, then click here and begin your educational journey of the 28th state of the USA (December 29th in 1845 was the official sign-in date). A big thank you goes out to the crew of East Texas Matters for putting together the fun fact list and allowing you to see it in all its splendor. As for me, to celebrate Texas Independence Day I think I'll go out, shop at HEB, and make myself a dinner complete with chicken fried steak, sweet tea, a small side of chili, and for dessert have a Blue Bell and Dr. Pepper float. Perhaps I should top it off with watching The Alamo. Which one though? There are two films about and both titled "The Alamo." One directed by John Wayne in 1960 and another from 2004 directed by John Lee're right, watch both. Happy Texas Independence Day, Y'all!

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