Time to piece together some puzzles for Puzzle Day. Did you know there was a holiday for puzzles? Well, now you do. Pull out some of those unfinished (or never started) puzzle projects and get to completing them. Some puzzles are easy to put together and others are more than a little complicated. There are even some puzzles, devised by a mad scientist somewhere, that don't even have edge pieces and are meant to look like they go on and on...devious.


However, not all puzzles are made of cardboard. Some puzzles are metal, heavy plastic, cube-shaped, spherical, elongated, condensed, and so much more. Life itself is a puzzle, but that may be more philosophical than what most people are expecting from a simple holiday educational tidbit like this.

Puzzles are a great way to keep your motor skills fresh and your mind active. If you are trying to find ways to keep yourself mentally active, puzzles are the best choice because they utilize more parts of your brain than you realize, and all at once. Not to mention puzzles can also assist with memory, so try a few rounds at the puzzle game Memory and see how well you end up doing after a few playthroughs. If you want to learn about today's holiday and other ways to celebrate, then click here.

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