Oh, yeah! Its a day created for the wonderful movie theater food we've come to love and enjoy...well, most of us anyway. ITS POPCORN DAY! Seeing as its a Saturday, today would make a great movie day. Gather friends and family, get the popcorn going and watch movies or shows (or both).

Today's holiday was created for the sole purpose of a movie night, but should movies be just for the night? I say use your weekend well and binge watch those movies and shows with your popcorn. Popcorn Day is also shared on the day of the Super Bowl, so save some popcorn for the big game.


Archaeologists have found what they claim to be the remains of the first of the popcorn makers, dated 400 C.E from Peru. The first persons to cultivate the removing of corn kernels in order to pop them did so around 5000 B.C. in Mexico. And now we have popcorn of various flavors and kinds sold in stores everywhere.

If you want to learn more fun facts about Popcorn Day (or popcorn in general) and other ways to celebrate, then click here.

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